Award winning "All Dolled Up" Professional Make Up Artist are regarded as one of the leading makeup artistry businesses in the tri-state area. 

We hope you'll enjoy perusing

our assortment of makeup styles,

and our highly satisfied clientele

who wear them​​!

All Dolled Up

Jacqueline Cipullo, Owner & Make Up Artist
Phone:  (215) 499- 8903

P    R    O    F    E    S    S    I    O    N    A    L              M    A    K    E    -     U    P              A    R    T    I    S    T    S

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Whether you're looking to become one of our

beautiful ​"All Dolled Up" brides or that 

picture-perfect runway model, ADU provides 

a full-spectrum of professional makeup for every occasion.