O    R    G    A    N    I    C

   . . . and NO harmful UV rays!            

P R O F E S S I O N A L      A I R B R U S H       T A N N I N G

■  Lasts 7-12 Days

■  Patented Brown Sugar Formula

■  Naturally Sweet Aromatic

■  Organic  Nourishing Ingredients

■  Light and not sticky

■ 100% Paraben Free

■  One Solution for Every Skin Tone

 A   I   R   B   R   U   S   H   E   D          T   A   N   N   I   N   G

At last, there's one solution for every skin tone! Our organic ingredients work differently than others, with a DHA% that beautifies all skin colors.   ADU's Organic Airbrush Tanning System uses the best organic tanning solution available in the US.  Our unique blend of organic ingredients nourishes your skin and is perfectly suited for every skin tone.  Spray tanning is the easiest and quickest way to get a natural looking tan.  Treat yourself to a nourishing and relaxing ADU Organic Spray Tanning session today!

​​Spray Tanning